Family law covers the rights and obligations of family members regardless of their specific relationship to each other. It focuses mainly on marriage and registered partnerships, marriage property rights, various types of child custody arrangements, negotiation and enforcement of child support and alimony payments, and other family relationships including relations with in-laws.

Family Law Services:

  • divorce proceedings,including both no-fault and contentious divorces
  • child custody rights,including arrangements for future property of a minor child, child care and other issues relating to the relationship of each spouse to their children,and proceedings to determine or deny paternity claims
  • property agreements, housing arrangements, and assignation of debt
  • alimony issues, including proceedings to increase or decrease one's duty to support and maintain their former spouse, and the duty to support and maintain a minor and/or adult child, husband, divorced husband, unmarried mother, and/or any other forms of duty or support


Civil Law is the foundation for Private Law, Public Law and Company Law, and it regulates the mutual rights and obligations of people within society, and toward one another individually or corporately. The main foundation of Civil Law is not necessarily drawn from existing legal precedent, but free will, which figures predominantly in all legal contracts.

Real Estate Law Services:

  • all legal services regarding real estate management
  • all legal issues surrounding real estate, including the proper drafting of contracts such as purchase agreements, contracts of donation, grants of easement, pledge contracts, and contracts for the transfer of property rights
  • lessor-lessee relationships, including the proper draft of contracts to lease flats, non-residential facilities and estates, and the proper legal termination of contracts
  • termination and settlement of co-ownerships
  • proper legal analysis of existing problems or situations
  • full legal representation in property disputes
  • escrow service of financial means and documents

Contractual Relationship Services:

  • legal analysis of existing contracts, and legal representation in contract negotiation
  • contract drafting and legal consultation on the ramifications of entering contracts
  • revocation of contracts and the legal withdrawal from contracts signed
  • asserting claims arising out of breach of contracts
  • responsibility for defects and securing legal obligations
  • assignment of debts, contractual responsibilities and other changes of obligation
  • enforcing claims, including legal representation in legal actions and execution proceedings

Other legal services include:

  • inheritance rights
  • representation in proceedings in courts and other authorities
  • compensation for damage/loss to property, punitive damages, mental anguish and other forms of damage claims


Insolvency Law is primarily related to bankruptcy and the danger of bankruptcy, and is concerned with finding timely legal solutions to this important matter. It focuses on two main goals, either of which we can assist our clients with, depending on the relationship of the client to the insolvency:
First, is that the creditor, (the person holding the debt or having extended the loan), would recover the highest value on all distributed assets in proportion to their proven claims.
Second, is that the debtor, (the person owning the debt and/or owing the money), finds legal relief from their insolvency which either assists them in setting favorable repayment terms, holding onto necessary property, and/or discharging the debt completely.

Insolvency Law Services:

  • proper legal draft of insolvency proposals
  • proper draft of proposals to approve the discharge of debts
  • draft and submission of applications in insolvency proceedings
  • draft of other applications related to the insolvency court
  • legal representation and communication with insolvency administrators
  • full legal representation at all insolvency proceedings


Commercial law is a part of the civil law system, which focuses on the rights, responsibilities and conduct of people engaged in commerce. This includes all aspects of corporate and cooperative law. Commercial law contracts work with specifying the relationship of all parties within a company from its foundation to its termination, including how the management structure is to function, and the specific authority and/or responsibility of each member of that structure.

Commercial Law Services:

  • proper draft of all legal contracts and other legal documents
  • legal consultation and analysis, and dispute resolution
  • legal analysis of existing contracts, and legal representation in contract negotiation
  • legal consultation on the ramifications of entering contracts
  • revocation of contracts and the legal withdrawal from contracts signed
  • asserting claims arising out of breach of contracts
  • general condition contract services, including both legal construction of contracts to use with customers, and legal analysis and explanation of such contracts you are required to sign and abide by
  • representation in commercial disputes in courts or arbitration proceedings
  • administration and enforcement of claims arising out of commercial relations

Company and Cooperative Services:

  • proper legal foundation of companies and cooperatives
  • changes to existing companies and cooperatives
  • proper legal liquidation and/or termination of companies and cooperatives
  • representation for board members
  • proper legal management of board of director meetings and other corporate meetings
  • legal representation in company registry matters
  • proper draft of contracts regarding the range of duties each company member is allowed (and not allowed) to perform


  • proper legal draft of all promissory notes
  • draft of promissory notes
  • legal consultancy regarding the enforcement of obligations in promissory notes
  • full legal analysis of current situation, and proper legal representation in court


Labor law determines the legal relationship between employer and employee. This includes the proper execution of labor; the legal relationship regarding salary and benefits, union rights, etc.; the obligation of the employer to properly explain and define employee rights and duties; determining the laws and obligations governing both employers and employees; and all aspects of employee safety.

Labor Law Services:

  • legal consultation for employers and employees
  • proper legal draft of employment contracts and other labor related documents
  • changes in individual or corporate employment relationships
  • termination of employment relationships
  • asserting claims regarding termination disputes, including representation in court proceedings
  • work performed by outside contractors and part-time employees
  • draft of agreements regarding the responsibility of employees to uphold company values in all financial accounting
  • proper draft of agreements regarding the responsibility of individual employees in the case of loss of entrusted matters, such as special equipment, money, etc., provided by the employer for specific jobs or duties
  • compensation packages and salary/benefit negotiations
  • non-compete clauses, (specifying the limitations on any work performed by the employee outside the company, both during and/or after employment at the company)